✨Wonder Retreat✨

Small Call to Action Headline

Small Call to Action Headline

✨ Find the Shard✨


✨Heal the Crystal✨


✨Release the Resistance✨



- Lake Tahoe Wonder Retreat -

May 21st - 26th

💠 💠 💠

7 Figure

Empire Building

- 5D ROI -

The reason that I have been able to build a 

seven figure business so quickly is

because of my ROI Redefined Strategy.

During this 5 day Retreat, we will be peeling back the

endless layers of the ROI in your program so that

you can release your resistance to success and fulfillment and rapidly expand your empire.






The Actionable Steps

VIP Tickets!!!

starting at just


✨Lake Tahoe✨

💠 💠 💠

The ultimate extravaganza! 

An all inclusive


unlike anything you

have ever seen...

Arriving on May 21st you

will have an all access pass

to the 

Lake Tahoe Mansion!


You are invited to join

The Wonder Team

from May 21st until May 26th

for a six day,

five night adventure!


✨ Private Chef ✨

✨ Your Choice of Room ✨

(First Come, First Serve)


Secret Experiences


from the Reno Airport provided!

(airfare not included)

✨ Next Level Energy!✨


 VIP Unicorns

will be required to complete a survey

in order to select 

specific room preferences,

dietary restrictions,

and all other special requests.

You will receive this survey upon payment.

All room preferences are first come, first serve.

Meaning after payment is received and your survey is

submitted, your room preferences

will be honored in order of


Mansion Layout

Wonder Words to the Wise

💠 💠 💠

Here is all of your fine print! 

Lake Tahoe is very high elevation--

Bring Sunscreen and aloe

you will need it!

There is no alcohol 

provided at any activity or event. 

There is also no alcohol or 

smoking (of any kind) permitted on property.

No exceptions!

It gets chilly at night, best to bring layers!

Bring a bathing suit!

The Lake is seriously the most beautiful place.

You will want to put your feet in the sand!

Bring athletic shoes, we will be doing

some light hiking activity.

Bring clothes suitable for 

athletic activity.

Bring clothes to take

pictures in--- We have a scroll stopping

surprise for our Unicorns!

Daily itinerary will provided 

as soon as all details are officially confirmed.

There will be scheduled downtime 

for all of us.

Dietary needs, allergies, 

medical conditions and preferences

will all be taken into consideration and 

accommodated as fully as possible.  

There will be a survey provided after purchase.

All requests must be made via 

the survey.

Requests made after the survey is

submitted may not be honored.

We will also need access to your travel

itinerary as soon as possible to make 

accommodations for shuttle service

 to and from the airport. 

This information will need to

be submitted directly to 

Princess Alyssa.


I will not be requiring masks during any activities 

where the venue does not specifically require them. 

You are welcome to wear one if you want. 

I am not requiring vaccines or tests for staying at the house. 

While at venues, we will adhere to their guidelines 

which are rapidly changing here in Nevada and California. 

Currently, masks are not required.

 All tickets are NON REFUNDABLE!

Fizgig Package

- May 23rd -

💠 💠 💠

Join us at the Mansion for the

 5D ROI Redefined Session!

This includes brunch, snacks and dinner

with the Podlings, Mystics and Gelflings

This does not include

transportation or lodging or any guests

All Fizgigs will be responsible 

for getting themselves to

and from the Mansion

on Monday, May 23rd 

9am - 8pm

Tuesday, May 24th 

is a free day to explore

Lake Tahoe

The VIP clients will be released

from their sessions

at 12pm

Fizgigs are invited

to join us for the 

Wonder Wedding


Wednesday at 11am

💠 💠 💠

But Nicole...


1. What will we be doing?

This Retreat is a deep dive into results-- 

the results that you desire

in life and the results you

provide in your program.

We will be engaging in interactive

trainings designed for

you to take live action and move

mountains in your business.

A fully immersive 

and expansive journey

into creating

a sustainable business.


Strategy Sessions.


In short...



2. Where do I fly into? 

Fly into the Reno Airport (RNO)

Please arrive by 3pm on 

Saturday May 21st. 

Depart on Thursday

May 26th after 12pm to accommodate

the airport shuttle.

If your flight arrives after 3pm 

on Saturday May 21st or before 12pm

 on Thursday May 26th, you will be responsible 

for arranging your own ride to the airport. 

Please be mindful when

setting your travel arrangements!


3. Can I drive?


The Lake Tahoe Mansion can

accommodate a limited amount of vehicles, so if you are driving, please indicate this on your survey so we 

can prepare space for your



4. Will there be down time? 


Being in our own energy

 is an important part of expansion. 

We will all be staying in the same house, 

so quiet times and bed times 

will be enforced as well as space restrictions. 

ie. Everyone out of the 

Kitchen when the Chef is setting up!

There is PLENTY of space at the house!


5. What does the schedule look like?  

Saturday May 21st


Welcome Dinner

Opening Training 

- Rewiring - 

the Subconscious for Receiving

Sunday May 22nd

- 7 Figure Frequency -

Quantum Leap


Release Resistance

Monday May 23rd

- 5D ROI -

ROI Redefined

*Penny's Birthday Bash!

Tuesday May 24th

- Cellular Shifting -

- Action Takers Get Results -

Outdoor Adventure Day!

Wednesday May 25th

Wonder Wedding!

That's right,

you're coming to the 


Thursday May 26th

Departure Day


More detailed breakdown

will be provided

as we get closer to our



6. Can I bring a plus one?


 If you are booking a


your stay includes a 

plus one for no additional charge.

All other packages do NOT 

include additional family 


If you are considering

bringing your

children, please know that

we will be doing

intense meditations

and activations 

that will require your full

focus for results.


7. Do I have to share a room?

Gelflings are the only private rooms. 

Mystic rooms will be shared

 with one other Mystic guest.

 Podling rooms are dormitory

 style rooms shared with up to 

6 other Podlings guests.

Fizgigs will need

to arrange for their own lodging.


8. Can we buddy up and split 

a Gelfling Package?

Yes! But you will be sleeping in

the same bed and it is your 

responsibility to work

out the logistics

of payments!


9. Wait, how much is it???

Don't you mean, 

What is the return on investment???

- Fizgig Package -

$2500 pay in full

or 6 monthly payment of $500

- Podling Package -

$5K pay in full

or 12 monthly payments of $583

- Mystic Package -

$8K pay in full

or 12 monthly payments of $834

- Gelfling Package -

$10K pay in full

or 12 monthly payments of $1000

But Nicole...

If I'm a Fizgig, can I just stay at the house?

The Mansion is reserved for 

VIP Clients only

All Fizgig Clients will be expected to 

get their own transportation

and arrange for their 

own lodging in


Carve the facets of your

                    7 figure


Carve the facets of your

                                   7 figure